Yacht Charter Croatia: The Complete Review Guide to Sailing Area

Yacht Charter Croatia: The Complete Review Guide to Sailing Area

The Croatia Yacht Charter Review Guide

Croatia is without any doubt the best Adriatic Sea yacht charter destination. We are creating and regularly updating this detailed Croatia Yacht Charter Review Guide to help anyone who wishes to rent a boat in Croatia. This information will, without a doubt, give you a complete overview of the area.

Bareboat and Skippered Yacht Charter Contacts: Sail with or without a Skipper‎

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Skippered yacht charter options for Croatia can be available too. A professional skipper offers local sailing with less potential inconveniences. If you wish to charter a skippered yacht in Croatia, just ask us about this option as well.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Sailing Regions

Southern Dalmatia

Yacht Charter Croatia: Southern Dalmatia MapSpanning from the valley of the river Neretva to Konavli to the sailing province of Southern Dalmatia. The most significant spot in this region is definitely Dubrovnik, the town under the preservation of UNESCO. On the whole Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik is the most appealing destination and the gathering place for the world elite. Dubrovnik, the midpoint of the Southern Dalmatia and its most famous representative of Croatian Adriatic Sea is often published on the leading pages of many renowned world magazines, as well as being at the very top of the lists of beautiful cities in the world.

Year after year Dubrovnik is justifying itself as a source of creativity for artists, a site preferred by the frequent travelers of the world and the royal families. It is theirs, as much as it is to all those who came but once. It is quite simply enchanting; one rendezvous is enough for that fine line between you and this fabulous city to be carried away.

The island of Korcula is the most populated island in the Adriatic and one of the most beloved sailing landing-place. The only real metropolitan center on the island is the town of Korcula, granted the nearby villages of Blato and Vela Luka have matured into larger towns. Mljet is an arboreos island. On the western part, there are forests of rare beauty in the island’s, which has been a national park.

Far in the open sea, with its uneven coastline and lovely beaches, lies the island of Lastovo.  The island was closed to tourists after World War II. Further, a group of tiny islands and rocks called the Elaphite Islands lie between Peljesac and Dubrovnik. The islands of Sipan. Lopud and Kolocep are populated.

Central Dalmatia

Yacht Charter Croatia: Central Dalmatia MapFrom Rogoznica to the valley of the river Neretva the sailing region of Central Dalmatia expanse. The center of this region has remarkable Diocletian’s Palace. The Split is not far from old Dalmatian town of Trogir, under the UNESCO’s safeguard. There is famous pirates’ headquarters along the coast to the south, Omiš and further, Makarska. Littoral, that many speculate to be the most “photographic” part of the east Adriatic coast. There are also several large islands in this region with rich tourist offer. On the island of Brač, Bol with a famous beach called Zlatni rat is a unique attraction. Among the many settlements of Hvar the town Hvar with various monuments and distinctive diversions facilities stand out. Last but not least there is also the island of Vis, in which you can see life how it was, the last Adriatic oasis.

At 780 meters high the peak of Vidova Gora makes for the largest and highest Dalmatian island is Brač. Brač is well known for its stonecutters and quarries on the northeastern side of the isle. The most obvious tourist stop on Brač is the town of Bol on the south shore, acclaimed for its famous beach called Zlatni rat. There is isolated monastery Blaca with the observatory and treasured telescope not far from Bol.

Hvar is the largest and longest Croatian islands it is known for the plentitude of sunny days. Hvar has transformed into the synonym for Croatian maritime tourism and enticing destination for many visitors during the last few decades. Thanks to the smooth climate and rich Mediterranean vegetation, which are notable characteristic for the south side of the island, tourism on the island is thriving during the whole year.  Ever since the ancient period the island has been inhabited. One of the oldest Greek settlement is located on the north side of the island. City Hvar has been the center of the Hvar island since medieval times on the south shore. Hvar is the town well-known for its’ grand architecture and the oldest theater in the whole province.

Vis is the most distanced island among the large islands of the South Adriatic. The archipelago of Vis encircles islands like Biševo, Svetac, Ravnik and Budikovac. For decades the island of Vis was banned to tourist because of military reasons which are why it is now faintly populated. Vis and Komiža are the largest settlements on Vis. Vis is the ancient town, while Komiža is the large fishing harbor. Because of the many bays and pebbly beaches, Vis is especially alluring. There is a large field covered with vineyards producing quality wine in the heartland of the island. You can try the wine and delicious homemade meals by several family restaurants.

Northern Dalmatia

Yacht Charter Croatia: Northern Dalmatia MapCovering the area from Novigrad sea canal to Rogoznica is the sailing region of Northern Dalmatia. There are two larger towns in this district: Zadar and Šibenik, and two national parks: Kornati and Krka. The two national parks despite only having 50 km between them could not differ more. The Kornati National Park is a peninsula of 89 islands, islets and reefs (numbering in total 152 units) of unparalleled beauty which offers the boaters the enjoyment of sailing, the intimidating sheer cliffs filling them with glee and awe in the same breath.

The Krka National Park is full of travertine barriers, waterfalls and lakes the remarkableness of which take one’s breath away a far contrast. Indeed, they are known as one of the favorite tourist photograph postcards from Croatia.

Šibenik is the most important medieval town Croats established on the coast. And Zadar has an ancient tradition and noteworthy monuments. You can see worldly distinguished Cathedral of St. Jakov, under the protection of UNESCO, In Šibenik. There are a few attractive provincial towns like Vodice, Murter, and Primošten in the coastal area. The islands of this province are less refined: Aside from National Park Kornati, there is a lovely lagoon Telaščica on Dugi Otok, as well as many other islands: Zlarin, Prvić, Tijat, Žirje, Vrgada, Iž, Molat, Premuda, Silba, etc.

The Šibenik aquatorium is a yachting wonderland set in the midst of the natural charm of white karstic rock and the azure sea with as many as 240 isles and reefs, respectively of which holds a striking component or two. Arranged sail for Zlarin if you like to encounter the finest known coral hunters in the Adriatic. Krapanj is your stop If you like to see the middlemost of sea sponge harvesting. On the other end of the spectrum, if you pursue an experience like nothing before, then endeavor into the open sea and unearth the Kornati Archipelago.

Kvarner and Istria

Yacht Charter Croatia: Kvarner and Istria MapOn the west coast, the biggest tourist centers are located.  There are many other minor towns beside Pula, Rovinj, and Poreč as well as National Park Brijuni. Although it can not at all fall behind coastal areas, the inland of Istria is the least explore in tourism. Rich cultural offers and extravagant truffles are only a modest part of what you can experience in this area of delightful towns and villages located on the top of the hills.

The area of Rijeka and Vinodol, Velebit coast, and Kvarner archipelago is the sailing region consisting of the Liburn coast. Liburn coast with Opatija as its center is especially esteemed for its long tradition in tourism in this province is. A place where Croatian tourism began to develop in the 19th century that is a place where Opatija stay. Aside from the lovely beaches and swimming areas, this province is filled with many scenes with cultural and historical sights and monuments. Among many of the natural monuments, there are islands Krk, Cres, Rab, Mali Lošinj and Ilovik with gorgeous bays, coves, and anchorages as well as one of a kind sand island – Susak.

Weather on Adriatic: Local People Tips

Common sayings:  Farmers, seamen, and many other professionals whose job rely upon weather conditions must watch the barometer at all times –this is why they compile a vast amount of experience by learning those many signs that appear before certain weather wonders. Local people say that sunset watching is a great practical value for the weather forecast: for example, morning pink skies announce rain and a red-orange evening horizon promises fair weather. Indeed, only for a day’s use – and even for an amateur reading, a reasonable experience is necessary. Whether in the morning or the evening generally “tarnished” bright red skies promise fair weather while red, but partially blurred skies reveal climate change to stormy. If a rainbowish bright colored ring appears around the moon means rain usually within 18 to 48 hours, 75% of the time.

Adriatic Sea winds:

  • Jugo (SE)
  • Bura (NE)
  • Maestral (NW)
  • Tramuntana (N)
  • Ostro (S)

Using instruments in weather forecast: barometer is the basic meteorological instrument for local weather forecast because precise air pressure changes provide needed components for such a prediction. For instance, the enduring high air pressure – or the slowly rising pressure to the local maximum – means fair weather, and abrupt changes, even in a high average, reveal change. A substantial drop in the local average air pressure, especially when abrupt, meeting the lowest for a precise area or season, is a positive sign of bad weather – that could last.

Weather forecast signals: climate changes always send us some signals and rarely come without some warning.

Here are several hints for main types of winds along the Adriatic:


Jugo as the locals call it, is the south-eastern wind, or Scirocco, without geographic obstacles Jugo makes greater and more colossal waves than any other in the region because the direction it is blowing is exactly SE to NW, the one of the Adriatic Sea stretching. That why Jugo has a very long “path,” where the ideal conditions for the development of long and high waves. Still, Jugo is the not the most threatening wind for sea goers, because it does not come suddenly and have not dangerously steep waves. The Jugo in progress indicators are: a drop of air pressure, high tide with clouds in the W and NW skies, and thickening of the upper cloud layers in the atmosphere.


The most dangerous wind in the Adriatic is Bura (Bora) because it comes suddenly, almost without any suggestion and achieves violent intensity in a short period. Identify by excessively strong gusts; it is a severe menace to smaller and middle-sized boat. Bura is a normal occurrence for the eastern Adriatic coast and coastal sea and usually occurring mostly during the late hours and losing intensity towards noon. During the summer a Bura usually lasts for a day or two; However, in the winter months, it can proceed from several days up to a week. A notably strong Bura can exist when sailing from the Trieste to the areas of Senj, Šibenik, Omiš, Vrulja, and Cavtat.


A Maestral is a very pleasant and rather calm summer warm breeze, usually fanning from the NW and bring along freshness to the warm coastal area. It usually arrives an hour before noon and continues until late evening, and this rhythm is regular daily routine. Maestral is an implication of stable, and good weather. Most of the pleasant strength, therefore, great for sailing. After an extended rain period, Maestral turns into the stronger wind and still anticipating good weather.

Marinas in Croatia for Yacht Charter Boats

In Croatia, it’s hard to find blame with harbors, aside from the fact that there are fewer marina slips appropriate for large yachts and often the services offered are not diverse enough with too few amenities and restrooms, although the setting is continuously improving.  That real skill in navigating in and out of the marinas needed because often exist tight places.

Marinas in Croatia are sturdy and well-built and in great locations. Often positioned in large towns or beautiful island bays, often within easy reach of some of the most impressive stretches of water best liked by yachters.

Many marinas have appreciated Blue Flag, which stands for being environmentally friendly.

The marina restrooms may be far from perfect, and with no showers or bathrooms reserved for mariners; However, this is usually compensated by the great local ambiance.

Marinas in Croatia for Yacht Charter Yachts

Yacht Charter Croatia: Gas Stations for Vessels

You can find gas stations advanced search engine for boats here.

Gas Stations for Vessels

Yacht Charter Sailing Routes

Common sayings:  Farmers, seamen, and many other professionals whose job rely upon weather conditions must watch the barometer at all times –this is why they compile a vast amount of experience by learning those many signs that appear before certain weather wonders. Local people say that sunset watching is a great practical value for the weather forecast: for example, morning pink skies announce rain and a red-orange evening horizon promises fair weather. Indeed, only for a day’s use – and even for an amateur reading, a reasonable experience is necessary. Whether in the morning or the evening generally “tarnished” bright red skies promise fair weather while red, but partially blurred skies reveal climate change to stormy. If a rainbowish bright colored ring appears around the moon means rain usually within 18 to 48 hours, 75% of the time.


Yacht Charter Sailing RouteThe island of Rab is a perfect place to come and stay for a few days, for most yachtsmen particularly when the peak summer crowds have faded. With its’ unique skyline composed of its four belfries. The town of Rab prides a Renaissance heritage that right up there with Hvar and Korcula.  On the northeastern side of the port, most of the yachtsmen find a mooring in the marina. On the other side of the peninsula is the best place in town to spend a night in the long and vast bay of St. Euphemia, here the dome quartet ends, close to the small cove of Palit, this is where sailors can take the power of many modest jetties. The 13th-century Franciscan monastery of St. Euphemia is on the northern side of this cove.


Yacht Charter Sailing RouteThe southernmost archipelago in the Adriatic is the charm of Elafiti islands with its’ magical deep blue where its umbrella of impenetrable woods above the echoed rocky shores. The Elafiti are islands with a remarkable atmosphere that bewitches anyone who goes there. You can reach Mali Vratnik and Veli Vratnik when sailing from the west towards Dubrovnik along the uninhabited southern part of Pelješac. You will suddenly see surroundings that many sailors consider to be the most beautiful part of the Adriatic.

The Elafiti Islands are beautiful fourteen islands that begin with Olip, over the Pelješac on the west, and whole the way to Lokrum off Dubrovnik. Their name arises from the Ancient Greek word for deer. Croatian fragments on the islands are plentiful, like the modest Pre-Romanesque churches belonging to the 9th, 10th and 11th centuries.  On Šipan there are fifteen of them in total, Lopud, and Koločep, located nearby lush fields and olive groves or on the hills. A stroll through the intact backgrounds serves as a reminder of times when life thrive on these islands.


Yacht Charter Sailing RouteŠibenik is an old Croatian city on the coast of a sheltered bay, going rapidly in the same direction. Serving as reminders of the enormous important magnitude Šibenik has always held in the thin mile long channel in Sveti Ante the fortress with the same name and much more military reinforcement along the canal and over the city. Today maritime tourists sail into Šibenik harbor instead of warships. Šibenik seafront is one of the most charming places to moor under the Cathedral of St. James a Renaissance work of art built by professional builders Juraj Dalmatinac (Georgius Dalmaticus) and Nikola Firentinac.

The Mandalina marina was constructed in Šibenik a few years back, in the proximity of the mended shipyard, and in the Kuline cape a large marina is being built. Šibenik hosts the International Children’s Festival; it is a town of the song, merriment, great food, and Dalmatian atmosphere. Sea goes deeply into the ground to Skradin by the lower reaches of the River Krka. Šibenik is the only one town on the Croatian coast from where you can sail so far into the dryland.


Yacht Charter Sailing RouteThe shoreline and the islands that encircle Split are deemed to be the most beautiful on the Adriatic Sea. And here is the best and most balanced weather on the Adriatic Sea. There are outstanding islands Šolta, Brač, Hvar, Vis and many minor ones, as well as the shoreline till Cape Ploče to the waterway of the Neretva River. This area providing yachtsmen endless sailing test, and many charming ancient towns to visit.

You can see Biševo from the Komiža seafront, and looking beyond the volcanic isle of Brusnik as you navigate out of the bay, you can see the islet of Sveti Andrija, or as the Komiža people call it, Svetac. Both islands are reliant on Komiža. The barely inhabited Biševo and Svetac – whose last occupants left a few years ago-revive again in the summer. Yachts often ground their anchors near the Biševo coves. Most of the sailors anchor in front of the well-known Modra špilja (Blue Cave) to see the play of blue light flows through a immersed cave opening creating an astonishing natural light display.

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